Jr & Randy, Gorgeous wedding in Ischia

On 11 dicembre 2014

Jr & Randy

19th August 2014

Castello Aragonese, Ischia .

wedding Planner : Rita www.eliteitalyweddingtravel.com

photographer Marco Miglianti  and Lorenzo for Migliantistudio

click here for the slide show: Jr and Randy

I’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years so far.
I got involved inside the lives of amazing people who wanted to share with me their special day.
Therefore i thought to understand pretty well the feelings of a Bride and Groom, for this reason i wasn’t so emotional about it.
You get used to it after a while.
I was supposed to meet Jr and Randy on August the 18th, but i’ve ended up meeting each other on the wedding day.
From the very first moment i got amazed about the men i was talking to, about the deep love they showed up.
Within a couple of hours their happiness slowly became my happiness, and when the officiant declared them “Husband and Husband” i just wanted to freeze myself, leaving the camera to be a smiling observer like anybody else there.
Since my task is to get a unique moment through a camera, i tried to fill up the photos with my own feelings.

Jr Randy_0013

Jr Randy_0055 Jr Randy_0078 Jr Randy_0080 Jr Randy_0114 Jr Randy_0131 Jr Randy_0138 Jr Randy_0147 Jr Randy_0162 Jr Randy_0176 Jr Randy_0178 Jr Randy_0184 Jr Randy_0213 Jr Randy_0228 Jr Randy_0283 Jr Randy_0305 Jr Randy_0294 Jr Randy_0320 Jr Randy_0336 Jr Randy_0353 Jr Randy_0359 Jr Randy_0367 Jr Randy_0380 Jr Randy_0420 Jr Randy_0514 Jr Randy_0535 Jr Randy_0541 Jr Randy_0557 Jr Randy_0562 Jr Randy_0615 Jr Randy_0683 Jr Randy_0702 Jr Randy_0725 Jr Randy_0765 Jr Randy_0806 Jr Randy_0818 Jr Randy_0860 Jr Randy_0868 Jr Randy_0925 Jr Randy_0933 Jr Randy_0957 Jr Randy_0999 Jr Randy_1003 Jr Randy_1063 Jr Randy_1097 Jr Randy_1180 Jr Randy_1230 Jr Randy_1346 Jr Randy_1463 Jr Randy_1472 Jr Randy_1490 Jr Randy_1507 Jr Randy_1522 Jr Randy_1557 Jr Randy_1559 Jr Randy_1607 Jr Randy_1621 Jr Randy_1691 Jr Randy_1732 Jr Randy_1740 Jr Randy_1758 Jr Randy_1762 Jr Randy_1782 Jr Randy_1801 Jr Randy_1813 Jr Randy_1819 Jr Randy_1821 Jr Randy_1836 Jr Randy_1841 Jr Randy_1844 Jr Randy_1885 Jr Randy_1916 Jr Randy_1927 Jr Randy_1935 Jr Randy_1937 Jr Randy_1949 Jr Randy_1987 Jr Randy_2015 Jr Randy_2071 Jr Randy_2089 Jr Randy_2144 Jr Randy_2188 Jr Randy_2220 Jr Randy_2234 Jr Randy_2260 Jr Randy_2263 Jr Randy_2275 Jr Randy_2329 Jr Randy_2342 Jr Randy_2374 Jr Randy_2387 Jr Randy_2440 Jr Randy_2449 Jr Randy_2460

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