9 reasons to have your wedding in Italy

On 27 marzo 2012

An article written by Fabrizio Mengasini – Italyprestige

1. Italians are well known all over the world for their fantastic traditional weddings. So wedding planners, venues, caterers, hairdressers and florists are very professional due to many years of practice in this field and the numerous weddings organized here not only for Italians but also for foreigners who have chosen Italy as their wedding venue. You will be in safe hands here and have an absolute perfect wedding, just as you and your guests dreamed of.

2. Italy is “Beauty” in the real sense of the word. From the North of Italy to the South and everywhere in between. It seems to have many different worlds in one, an example of this is Tuscany, which is notoriously known all over the world. So no matter what your tastes are, your wishes can be fulfilled whether you choose the north, centre or south of Italy.

3. Romanticism. Italy is the place!!! The old towns and cities full of breathtaking architecture, the walks through the narrow dimly lit ancient passageways, the old folks gathered around a bench chit-chattering in the piazza, the church bells ringing, everywhere you look, you live and breathe “amore”… the essence of marriage.

4. The internationally loved Italian food is great wherever you go in Italy, in fact it’s difficult to have a bad meal here, it’s local typical locals dishes vary from one town to another, giving you a wide variety to choose from. What’s a good meal without good wine!! Italian wines and “proseccos” are also one of Italy’s passionate loves and creative mastered pieces of art … which goes far beyond just a drink to accompany your meal.

5. The weather is delightful.. mild with the exception of a few months, this allows you to have a wonderful time out in the sun or under the stars in a beautiful garden or on a swimming pool terrace for your wedding reception. This is much loved by the women as they can wear their beautiful evening dresses without having to worry about carrying a jacket along with them.

6. The live music that you choose for your wedding is just as important as the wedding ceremony and you can find just about everything you can imagine from Classical, Soul, Jazz, Hip hop, Opera to Rock even in the smallest towns.

7. Your guests will be having a holiday when they attend your wedding and will be in full holiday spirit. Therefore whilst you’re enjoying your wedding day come honeymoon, they’re happy to attend a real ‘dream wedding’ and they also are relaxing themselves.

8. Italian people are warm, hospitable and absolutely love foreigners. You both will feel at home and also you’ll feel that you’ve become part of a big family every day that you spend here.

9. Italian style and taste are well known and much appreciated everywhere, also this will be transferred into your wedding day with every tiny detail, leaving an impressive and memorable gift to all that are present.

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